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Moving your clients to the cloud

Want to inspire your clients to move their businesses to the cloud, but don’t know how? Want to run an information seminar for your clients, but don’t want to do the talking? Skywise can help!

We love getting up in front of business people and inspiring them to make a change for the better! For just $1,000 (less a $300 co-contribution from Xero if you are a Xero partner firm) Skywise will organise the event location and catering, send email invites, manage attendance registrations, and run the whole show for you on the day!

Upskilling your team for the cloud

Need to get your team up to speed on Xero, so you know what you’re talking to when your client asks you that question about the bank rec? Skywise can help with this too!

We’re former accountants, so we speak your language and can give you the knowledge at a level you need to be able to get the job done.

Contact us to discuss your training needs and request a quote for a customised training session. 

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