About Skywise

Skywise was first launched in 2012, under the name Xebooks, by owner Kim Wykes. Kim formed Xebooks in response to two needs – a personal desire for work/life balance after the birth of her first child; and the obvious gap in the new “cloud” industry where Xero users did not have access to quality Xero support and training services.

Relaunched as Skywise in 2015, the firm is expanding its repertoire to include other cloud systems, called add-ons, which integrate with and complement the Xero software.

Skywise can consult with you to determine the most appropriate package of Xero + add-ons, whether you need inventory management, CMS, job tracking, project management, etc. Check out Cloud Solutions for information on Xero and the range of add-ons we currently support.

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Email: theteam@skywise.com.au
Phone: 0416 006 723

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